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Health, Safety & Environment Overview

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HEQ is responsible for the effective delivery of a large range of industry services that improve outcomes for our clients and the lives of the individuals that we employ.

We are committed to continually improving our business performance whilst ensuring we conduct our operations in an environmentally responsible manner clearly reflecting our commitment to fostering the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources.

HEQ recognises our obligation to improve safety performance and to take all reasonable precautions to provide and maintain a work environment that is safe and without risks or injury. Our integrated quality, safety and environmental management systems are accredited and registered.

Quality assurance documentation

HEQ can provide any of the following documents as required:

  • Quality assurance audit reports
  • Quality assurance certificates
  • Safety and environmental management plans

Continuous improvement

All HEQ staff undertake a comprehensive induction ensuring they are adequately trained to carry out their duties in accordance with our policies and procedures. Our staff are empowered to intervene if they witness any ‘atrisk’ behaviour and our HSE team conduct regular safety audits and reviews to improve our safe work systems. We are externally audited to foster continual improvement in all our work processes resulting in safe, efficient and consistent service delivery.

HEQ Delivers Quality and Safety

HEQ SERVICES are ISO accredited for Quality, Safety and Environmental: ISO 9001, 45001 & 14001

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