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With maintenance service agreements you can create a relationship with HEQ for the life of your equipment.

In creating each maintenance service agreement, HEQ works directly with you to define the best and most suitable solution for your service needs.

What that means for you is the highest levels of customer service at the right times, plus peace-of-mind knowing HEQ is overseeing maintenance scheduling and standards, so you can have greater uptime and longevity of your equipment.

Contact HEQ today and see how fast we can turn your problems into solutions.

Scope of service maintenance agreements

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Unscheduled repairs and corrective maintenance
  • Minor and major overhauls
  • Timely and accurate technical support
  • Component rebuilds
  • Pro-rata warranty agreements
I’ve had the pleasure to work with HEQ Services over many years. In my experience, their knowledge, integrity and quality of service has been unrivalled, ensuring that our needs are always met. HEQ’s commitment and willingness to assist us rapidly turned a working relationship into a longterm partnership. HEQ have continually exceeded my expectations and I hold them in extremely high regard.”

Trent Knack, General Manager, West Moreton Operations at New Hope Group

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